Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The JA Band Program Christmas Concert, which will include performances by the Sixth Grade Band, Jazz Band, and Concert Band, will be THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, at 7:00 pm in the JA Library.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, October 26, 2009

10/26/09 UPDATE

Congratulations to the JA Band for their achievements in San Antonio! The trip was a wonderful experience for our students and families. Look for more details & photos below.

Quick schedule update: All band rehearsals this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday) will be only during seventh period class time – 2:00 – 2:46.


What can I say about my last trip to a Bands of America event? I have not seen in the events I have attended seen our band interrupted for standing ovations during the show! That was the top to my final journey. So much went well due to work on many fronts. Thanks to Pam Sandlin who served as trip coordinator for this event. To all those parents who rode the bus, the schedule went so much as planned. We even adjusted well to the 10:45 PM performance time on Saturday. We did not even lose a chaperone. Luke Strong had the best time: He chaperoned 5 parents at the Alamo! Thanks to Chief Wendy for keeping us together. To Joe Mardis, Mark Hatch and Paul Heindl, thanks for allowing me to enjoy the “comforts” of the bus! To all those who help with the load, unload, load, unload, load, unload, load, and unload work for this trip… WELL DONE! For those who help with field preparation, sitting in the stands at the 3 minute mark is another WELL DONE. Thanks for the support in the stands. On many of the trips I have taken with the band, we have not had a fan base in the stands. Thanks to all of you that took of your time to support our children in San Antonio. Thanks for the support on the home front that communicated with the press box during the web stream of the show.

Now, on to the next projects…

1. Don’t forget Senior Night at the Friday football game. These four guys have done much to insure the success of the JA Band for the future. I again observed many instances of their mentoring on the trip. Don’t forget. We will need assistance for the field show.

2. We need all of you to be available for the MAIS Marching Festival at Raider Field on Saturday. If you are not already assigned a job, please be available. The raffle has an enormous value. Sell all the tickets you can; I can print more! I am printing the program as I write this. Thanks to all who sold ads to make the program the largest we have produced. Thank Sue Guindon when you see her on Friday and Saturday for her help with the layout of the program. This has become profitable for the band boosters through the hard work of many.

3. I have been asked to have the band boosters participate in Raider Night. What a good way to showcase a JA advantage! We should be proud of what our children have accomplished and share that! As plans come together, we will communicate with you.

Signing off to zzzzzzzzzzz! Jim


1. I need volunteers to sell raffle tickets at the game Friday night. Last year several of the dads walked the track and the stands selling tickets and the reception from the JA fans was phenomenal. I really want that again this year. If you are passionate about our BOA Class A Champions band and want to let everyone know that you are a proud band parent come help us sell raffle tickets Friday night at the game. We will need you there for pre-game and until half-time. Please let me know.

2. We still need volunteers for concession stand.

3. I need helpers to put up 4 canopies at 9:00 Saturday morning.

4. I need 4 cash boxes or bags. We need to keep gate ticket sales, raffle ticket sales, program sales and shout-out sales all separate. If you have one please let me know.


I’m very proud of the excellent support the parents gave the band on the field in San Antonio. The speed and precision of entrance, set-up, and exit, as well as the level of effort at the truck, provided our students a great example of strong work ethic and also our commitment to them. I’d also like to thank those parents who came up to the school and helped unload the truck Sunday evening when it arrived from San Antonio.

At this Friday’s football game we plan to put the show on the field at half-time again. Although this will be a bit more relaxed and not as many hands are needed, your help will be appreciated. We will need a few extra helpers to step in for the senior parents (Commaratos, Humphreys, Lowerys, Sandlins) as they will be dressed to participate in the senior recognition ceremony.

At the Saturday MAIS festival, we will again perform the show. Although this event is not as large as BOA, it is important that we handle the pit and props very similar to the way we did in San Antonio’s competition. For those with MAIS duties, we may need to work out some relief to allow you to help with the 1:00 JA Band performance.


Well, we made it to San Antonio and back safely! That alone is an accomplishment, but it’s very important to note that we did it on time and without much trouble – given the number of people going and the exhausting schedule, that’s nothing short of miraculous!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the trip a success. Everyone was willing to step up and help in any way asked in San Antonio, which I greatly appreciate. Although I cannot possibly thank everyone individually, I did want to mention a few people specifically. Thank you to Karen and John Humphreys and Frances Anne Dallaire for providing snacks for the band; Terri Fisher and Sid Pierce for their help with meeting Jason’s Deli on Saturday; Wendy Hutchins for serving as head chaperone and making sure their children were well taken care of; Jim & Shae Lowery for keeping the count at every stop and helping in many other ways; and Joe Mardis, Mr. Hatch, and Mr. Heindl for driving the truck. Thank you especially to Kristal Golden who helped in more ways than I can name.

It was also wonderful to get to know many of the parents and families better. It was a great trip, and I’m pleased that everyone had a fun time.

DIRECTORS’ REPORT – Bruce & Cammie Carter

Thank you to all the students for their hard work and exemplary behavior on the trip this past weekend. We are extremely proud of the way they conducted themselves. For those who were not able to join us at the event, please talk to your students about the incredible experience of performing in front of a crowd of 20,000 or so, who gave the band two standing ovations during their Finals exhibition performance.

We received several congratulatory emails from people who had attended the event, including the following, from a parent of a student in the LD Bell Band, this year’s Super Regional Champions.

From: Kathy Nobles
Date: Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 10:16 PM
Subject: Congratulations

Mr. Carter,

I just wanted to extend a congratulations to your band for winning the Class A, Outstanding Visual and General Effect awards in the BOA San Antonio competition this past weekend. Three of my children have gone through the band program with the HEBISD. Currently, my middle son is a trombone player in the LD Bell Marching Band.

Saturday evening, as we sat through the 14 finalist bands, we periodically heard about this one band who had 29 kids and how amazing the performance was. When I finally realized that it was the Jackson Academy Band...and when I saw the performance, I was completely amazed and impressed with the show.

I personal would like to extend my appreciation for what your band represents and what you are doing for these kids. I have sat through four years of BOA competitions and never, NEVER have I experienced the crowd reaction that I experienced Saturday night. These kids have such a wonderful opportunity ahead of them. Their talent is absolutely amazing - especially at their young age.

Thank you so much for allowing them to show those of us who almost take advantage of what our kids are offered and give us an opportunity to see how that, it's not in the numbers, it's in the kids and how they show how much they love music.

This school has a wonderful program and I can only hope that I will see you again in future years and future competitions. It was a performance that I will never ever forget. It will be forever engrained in my memory.

Again, thank you!

Kathy Nobles

And this one, from the brother-in-law of a Texas band director friend of ours.

From: Rob Borowicz
Date: Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 1:19 PM
Subject: High School Band magic

I witnessed a truly magical moment on Saturday night in San Antonio. Lisa and I were at the Alamodome for the BOA (Bands of America) Regional Marching Band Competition in which Eric our 15 year old son was marching in. About 50 schools from Texas and Oklahoma and Mississippi participated in Preliminaries on Friday and Saturday with finals Saturday night.

Most of these schools were 5A (biggest) with bands numbering more then 200 students and including opulent presentations. But competition at this contest included all school sizes including 1A {smallest} schools as well and best in class awards given out at all levels.

After the 14 finalists performed (most of them 5A and huge) the BOA staff did something cool. They asked the 1A overall winner to perform their program and they accepted. We'd watched incredibly large programs just blow us away with their big and loud bands one after another and along comes the "Jackson Academy" from Jackson Mississippi to perform their winning program. Instead of using the entire football field at the huge Alamodome, Jackson used a patterned and colorful tarp about 90 feet by 90 feet to redefine their playing field. Instead of a Colorguard of 50 or more girls these guys had maybe 8. Instead of a huge array of brass and woodwinds and drum line these guys had maybe a dozen. Instead of a huge "pit" of Xylophones and Bass Drums and such these guys wheeled out a platform train of 4 platforms pulled by a small 4X4 with 2 full trap set drummers, 2 keyboardists {on one platform) and a general percussionist on chimes, congas etc. on the last.

Jackson proceeded to perform a melody of classic Blood Sweat and Tears tunes just nailing them all. Their trombone player lit it up with a huge fat sound, 2 different trumpeters took solos and just sailed. The 6-8 colorguard girls did their dance routine, stopping at times and picking up flutes and clarinets and took their own solos and played in the choirs! Contrasted against the huge programs we'd just seen these guys paled in size but by no means in affect.The crowd roared in approval afterward and they received a standing ovation.

Way cool....

Our school (Austin Bowie) was awarded 4th overall in the finals and we beat out fine programs from Sugarland (Houston) and Cedar Park (Austin area).

-Bobby B

I can’t think of a better testament to the power of the experience for our students, staff, and parents. Thank you to everyone for your support in making it all possible.

Cammie and I would like to add our “thank yous” to those mentioned above. Special thanks to Pam Sandlin for all her work over the past six months or so organizing every aspect of the trip. Her efforts not only made it affordable, they also enabled us to design the trip exactly the way we wanted it to be. Thanks as well to staff members Steve McCartney, Paul Heindl, & Mark Hatch for their assistance on the trip.

Thank you to Connie Hill and all the other parents who have been working hard to prepare for the MAIS Marching Band Festival this Saturday, October 31. Here is a schedule for the day:

10:45 – Opening Ceremonies, National Anthem by JA Brass Ensemble
11:00 – Copiah Academy Band
11:15 – Canton Academy Band
11:30 – Oak Hill Academy Band
11:45 – Starkville Academy Band
12:45 – Hillcrest Christian School Band
1:00 – Jackson Academy Band
1:30 – Hinds Community College Eagle Marching Band
1:45 – Raffle Drawings
2:00 – Awards

Many of the students will be assisting during the morning at the festival. All students need to report to the band hall to dress in uniform and prepare for warmup by 11:30.

The JA BAND schedule for the week:

TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, & THURSDAY – Rehearsal 2:00 – 2:46

NOTE: Randy Dickerson will not be teaching private lessons as usual on Tuesday. He will be contacting his students to reschedule, as band members continue to prepare for Lions Band auditions in a few weeks.

FRIDAY – Home football game vs. Magnolia Heights – all students report at 5:30 for pregame rehearsal. We will play pep tunes during first and second quarters, perform the show during halftime, and the drumline will play in the stands during fourth quarter. Also at halftime, senior band members Will Commarato, John Humphreys, Kevin Lowery, and Jonathan Sandlin will be recognized with their parents. All band members will march back to the band hall as a group at the end of the game.

SATURDAY – MAIS Marching Band Festival – All students report by 11:30 to dress and prepare for warmup. The JA Band performance time will be 1:00.

PHOTO GALLERY – Wendy Hutchins

Here is just a sampling of the many photos that will be uploaded to the online photo gallery: JA BAND GALLERY

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Report from San Antonio

Congrats to the 2009 Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional Class A Champions the Jackson Academy Marching Band!

After a relaxing few hours at Sea World San Antonio today, the band members watched the last few preliminary performances this afternoon while anxiously awaiting the announcement of Class awards and finalist bands.

JA Seniors John Humphreys, Will Commarato, Jonathan Sandlin, and Kevin Lowery represented the band at the awards ceremony. The JA Band won Best General Effect, tied for Best Visual, and were named Class A Champions.

As Class champions, they earned the right to perform in exhibition at the Super Regional Finals this evening, with a performance time of 10:45 pm, after all Finalist bands had performed. The band had an outstanding performance in front of a packed house at the Alamodome. The crowd gave the JA Band not one but two standing ovations for their high-energy performance of "From My Perspective."

Overall it has been an amazing experience for these students, and we are incredibly proud of them. Thank you to the students for their hard work, and to all the parents who have helped here in San Antonio as well as those who have supported their students from home.

Tomorrow brings some fun at Six Flags Fiesta Texas before the start of the long bus ride home. Our plan is to depart Six Flags at about 5:00 pm, which should put us back at JA at approximately 6:00 am Monday morning.

Look for a full report on the trip early this week.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Report from San Antonio

Another great day for the JA Band in San Antonio!

The rehearsal at Aztec Indoor Soccer this morning was focused and productive, and everyone seemed to enjoy some time for sightseeing in the afternoon. After a nice chicken dinner at the hotel, we headed to the Alamodome for the band's preliminary performance at the BOA Super Regional.

Tonight's performance of "From My Perspective" was energetic, well-executed, and enthusiastically received by the crowd, which gave the band a standing ovation. Regardless of the competition results, which will be announced tomorrow afternoon, the students should be very proud of what they have accomplished.

A reminder of Saturday's basic schedule:

10:00 - 2:00 - Sea World
2:30 - Watch remaining preliminary performances at the Alamodome
4:00 - Awards and finalists announced
Dinner delivered to bus
7:15 - Finals begin
11:30 - Return to hotel

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Report from San Antonio

The JA Band's long journey to San Antonio today was happily uneventful.

Thanks to everyone for tolerating the EARLY start to the day, which made for a quiet first few hours, at least. We had a nice breakfast stop at a very accommodating Cracker Barrel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana about 7:45 or so.

After several hours of heavy rain, the skies began to clear once we entered Texas. We enjoyed a lunch stop at the San Jacinto Mall east of Houston, and arrived at our hotel only 10 minutes or so after the scheduled time. That gave us plenty of time to get checked in and situated before heading out for a wonderful evening on the Riverwalk.

Dinner was at Cafe Ole, followed by a river cruise. It was a beautiful night, and all in all, a great way to top off a long travel day. The students are conducting themselves wonderfully, and everyone is enjoying the time together.

A quick reminder of the basic schedule for Friday:

10:00 - 12:00 - Rehearsal at Aztec Indoor Soccer
2:00 - 4:00 - Small groups with chaperones to the Alamo, the mall, or the Riverwalk
6:30 - Depart hotel for the Alamodome

A few pictures courtesy of Mary Jo Thomas:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

SAN ANTONIO Guidelines & Itinerary

San Antonio – October 22-25, 2009

The BOA San Antonio Super Regional is an opportunity for the JA Band to perform in a great venue, the Alamo Dome, for a large and appreciative audience, and to receive inputs from highly qualified adjudicators. There are 50 bands, from 3 states, competing over two days for the honor of performing in finals on Saturday night.

We will be traveling in a full size (55-seat) motorcoach, so we will have space underneath the bus for luggage and some equipment.

Packing list:
- Clothing, toiletries, and personal items for a 3-night stay
- Jacket/ Rainjacket for possible rain, cool nights
- Swimsuit for hotel pool (outdoors) if desired
- Pillow or other comfort items for the bus ride
- DVD’s for the bus (staff and chaperones have final say on appropriate content)
- Homework for the bus ride

Horns and Percussion, make sure you have
- All uniform parts & uniform, clean and pressed
- Band shoes, clean and polished
- Black socks – two pair (at least)
- Instrument (horns shined)
- White show shirt – this is to be worn under the band uniform at all times.

Meals Included
- Buffet breakfast in hotel Friday, Saturday and Sunday
- Dinner Thursday at Café Ole on the Riverwalk
- Box Supper from Jason’s Deli on Saturday

Please bring money for
- Possible quick breakfast stop on Thursday.
- Lunch Thursday - fast food on the road
- Lunch Friday – fast food or equivalent near practice facility
Subway, Pizza Place, Taco place, Whataburger and KFC
- Dinner Friday – Due to the timing of our performance, we will have Speedys chicken brought in to hotel. However, this meal was not originally part of the budget. Please bring $6 per person to help cover this cost.
- Lunch Saturday ­– at Sea World
- Lunch Sunday – at Six Flags
- Dinner Sunday – fast food on the way home
- Concessions at the Dome if desired
- Souvenirs
- Snacks/ etc.

Student Behavior Guidelines

On the bus:
- always remain seated, no standing or sitting on seat backs
- keep the noise level low, music only with headphones
- no flash from cameras or camera phones, which could distract the driver
- all trash disposed of properly at each stop
- all passengers silent when staff or driver are giving instructions
- only drinks in plastic resealable bottles allowed

At the hotel:

- No girls in guys’ rooms and vice versa
- Be quiet and courteous to other guests at all times
- No swimming without a chaperone
- Listen to chaperones and staff about wakeup times and details
- You break it, you bought it

General guidelines:
- Be careful and responsible with money and valuables
- If you have questions about where to be or when to be there, ask
- All school rules apply at all times (no smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.)

- You are representatives of the JA Band and Jackson Academy at all times
- Be kind to each other and polite to everyone you encounter
- Close your mouth and open your ears when someone is talking to you
- Be considerate and respectful of the staff and chaperones – if you are asked to do something, take it as gospel and move

Jackson Academy Band Itinerary


Thursday, October 22, 2008

4:00 AM – Students, staff, & parents report to band hall with luggage, load bus
4:30 AM – Depart
Enroute: Breakfast stop and lunch stop
5:30 PM– Arrive at Hampton Inn, Riverwalk
Check in, uniforms HUNG neatly in rooms
6:30 – Depart hotel for dinner
7:00 – Dinner at Café Ole
8:30 – Riverboat Cruise
9:30 – Riverboat drops us off at Marriot. Walk 3 blocks to hotel
10:30 – In rooms
11:00 – Chaperones check rooms, lights out

Friday, October 23, 2008

7:00– Wake up
7:30– Breakfast at hotel
9:00 – Load Bus
9:15 – Depart for Aztec Indoor Soccer
10:00 –12:00 Practice
12:00 – Load Truck
12:30 – Lunch
1:30 – Return to hotel
2:00 - 4:00 - Small groups with chaperones walk to Alamo, Mall, Riverwalk
4:00 - Return to hotel, rest, shower, dress, prepare for performance
5:15 - Dinner delivered to hotel Speedy’s Chicken (cost is $6 not included in price.)
6:15 - Load bus, depart for AlamoDome
6:30 – unload and warm-up
8:15 - PERFORMANCE time
8:30 - Load truck & bus
9:00 - Return to hotel, snack

Saturday, October 24, 2009

10-2 Sea World
Any person over the age of 15 must show valid picture ID

Return to dome, hear last few bands.
Seniors change into uniform for retreat.
Announcement of class awards and Finalists
Dinner delivered to bus.

Attend finals – Possibly perform depending on if we placed 1st in class or made finals

Sunday, October 25, 2009

12-5 six flags
Any person over the age of 15 must show valid picture ID
Return to JA at 6:00 AM. Students have an excused absence from school Monday.

10/18/09 UPDATE

Please take a few minutes to read through everyone’s inputs below for important information about the trip to San Antonio this week. Look for an email early this week from Wendy Hutchins, who is organizing the chaperones for the trip. She will send a list of which parents are supervising which children. Please contact the chaperone who will be supervising your child with any special instructions, such as medications or assistance with managing meal money.


It’s time to check our lists, gather our supplies and clothes and join together for a great adventure. Please review the forms you received at the booster meeting. If you have questions, please contact us to get it answered. It is important that we have everything discussed on the trip form. Missing equipment and uniforms could bring a delay that could cause us to not complete our planned Thursday. When we gather in the band hall, all except those of you that have made other arrangements to get your band member to the band hall, at 4 AM, we will begin the trip. The trip will not start well if all of us are not there at 4 AM. (That’s 4 AM not 4:05 AM.) Our plans for Thursday necessitate this early departure. Dinner and a boat ride at the Riverwalk will be a wonderful beginning to what is planned to be a great weekend.

We all need to alert this weekend. Every stop and venue visited demands that we all keep up with each other. Please check your email often this week before we leave since there could possibly be important information that will not wait until the next newsletter. See you at 4 AM on Thursday.


Down to final days. Many of the people that have been helping me will be in San Antonio this week. I will be trying to wrap things up and confirm details b4 everyone leaves. We had a good response for the bike at the pep rally Friday and at the Tailgate Friday b4 the game. Please try to sell the tickets that I sent home Tuesday at the Booster Meeting. This will give us a good base and then we can sell at the Carnival, the Friday game and at the Festival.

Program ads are all turned in. Sue is finishing the program and Jim Lowery will start printing this week.

Thank you all for your help and support. I hope you have a safe and fun trip to San Antonio.


This is it!!! Pack your bags. It is time to go!

The bus departs EARLY Thursday morning. Please be at the band hall at 4:00 AM for our 4:30 AM departure. This is a very tight schedule, so please be on time and don't forget anything. Check the guidelines for suggestions for items to pack and money to send.

The San Antonio forecast currently shows:

Thursday: Few showers 71/56
Friday: Few showers 69/54
Saturday: Sunny 78/60
Sunday: Sunny 80/61

So pack accordingly - a light jacket or wrap for the nights and a rain jacket or poncho are suggested.

An updated copy of the guidelines & itinerary is included as a separate blog post. Please note that the expected return time is Monday morning around 6:00 AM.

The hotel policy for school groups is that they disconnect long distance on the room phones. Therefore, your child will need to call you with his cell phone, or borrow a friend or chaperone's cell phone.

Please contact me at or 601-953-6071 if you have questions about the trip.


I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm as we prepare for BOA. Following are some key things to remember:

PARENT FIELD REHEARSAL - WEDNESDAY AT 6:00 P.M. - It is crucial that all those going on the trip come to the parent rehearsal. There we will make final assignments and run through the choreography several times to make sure we have it nailed down. As a reminder, there are tight time limits for getting the show on and off the field, so it's vital that everyone know the what/when/where of their roles. If you are unable to come Wednesday, please let me know in advance.

TRUCK LOADING - WEDNESDAY AT 6:30 P.M. - Following the parent field rehearsal, we will load everything on the truck for the trip. Please plan to help us get everything on board.

TENTATIVE ASSIGNMENTS - These may change during Wednesday's rehearsal, but here are the assignments as I have them now. Note that a few have more than one assignment. If you would prefer to be in the stands, let me know. If you don't have an assignment but would prefer to be on the field, let me know. If you would prefer a different assignment, let me know. Otherwise we're counting on you.


Mat Pusher: Tony H. (William R.)

Mat Crew:
B. Left Corner – Tony H. (Sid P.)
Back Edge – Shae L.
Left Edge – Terri F.
Left Edge – Christina P.
Front Edge – Wendy H.
F. Left Corner – William R.
B. Right Corner – Eric C.
Back Edge – Paxton G.
Right Edge – Patti C.
Right Edge – Stacie R.
Front Edge – Martha R.
F. Right Corner – Betty C.

Power: Jim L.

Golf Cart & Train: Rike S., Sid P.

2 Speaker Carts: Left – Mark H., Right – John H.

3 Front Mics: Pam S., Karen H.

Hook Up Electronics: Mr. Heindl, Mr. Hatch

Remove Tube/Cart: Joe M.

Carry Aluminum Poles: Paxton G.

Remove Pinwheel Disks: Martha R., Kathy M.

Remove Green Cart w/ Shoes: Shae L.

Remove Pinwheel Holders (& clean up whatever is left behind):
Wendy H.
Patti C.
Kristal G.
Stacie R.

The following will be in the stands (assignment: cheering): Susan Hardee, Joe Golden, Brent Fisher, Hope Burford, Reca Powell-Girtman.

DIRECTORS’ REPORT – Bruce & Cammie Carter

The JAA has asked that we pass along their thanks for the band’s participation at the Family Tailgate Party before the football game on Friday.

Thank you to the students for working hard at the long rehearsal on Saturday, in spite of the cool weather. With the input of drill writer Lenny Westmoreland, who flew in from North Carolina, we were able to make some adjustments and fine tune the show in preparation for this weekend.

The Band students’ absences from school on October 22, 23, and 26 will be excused. All teachers have been sent a roster so they know who will be on the trip. Although the absences are excused, students are responsible for making up any missed work. There will be time on the bus to accomplish schoolwork, so please encourage your students to talk to their teachers before the trip.

As we mentioned last week, the BOA San Antonio Super Regional is shaping up to be a great event, with 50 bands competing. Click on the logo above for a link to the schedule and other information.

For those who are not familiar with BOA events, all competing bands will have preliminary performances, starting Friday afternoon and resuming Saturday morning until late afternoon. After all prelims are complete, finalist bands (the top 14 scoring bands regardless of Class) and Class awards will be announced. On Saturday evening, all finalists will perform as well as any Class Champions who do not qualify for Finals.

Those parents who are not able to accompany the band to San Antonio can watch the JA Band performance live online with a membership in the Music for All Fan Network. A subscription to the network for the live webcast of the San Antonio Super Regional is $19.95.

Click on the logo below, then click on the “LIVE WEBCAST” tab for more information about subscribing to the San Antonio webcast:

Performances at all BOA events are recorded and available on DVD for purchase from Mr. Video productions. DVDs of the JA Band’s performance are $29 each, if ordered either online or in person before the end of the event. After the event, the price will go up to $39. “Instant” videos are no longer for sale at the regional sites.

Click on the following logo for information about ordering DVDs:

The JA BAND schedule for the week:

MONDAY – Rehearsal 2:00 – 4:00

2:00 – BAND STUDENTS DISMISSED – please pick up your student, to give them (and us) time to pack and prepare for the trip.
5:00 – Full Band Rehearsal
6:00 – 6:30 – Parent Field Crew Rehearsal
6:30 – 7:00 – Truck Loading

THURSDAY – REPORT TIME 4:00 AM. Yes, 4:00 AM. Full trip itinerary in next post.

For those older students who are planning to audition for the 2010 Mississippi Lions All-State Band on November 14 (with callback auditions November 21), the application must be postmarked by this Friday, October 23, and received by October 28. A copy of the application is attached, or click on the logo at left. All applications must be signed by the student, parent, and band director.


MONDAY, October 26 – No Band
SATURDAY, October 31 – MAIS Marching Band Festival at JA, student work shifts beginning in the morning, 1:00 JA performance time

Look for the next weekly post, with a full report from San Antonio, on Monday, October 26.

If after reading the band update you have any questions about band events, policies, or anything else pertaining to the band program, please let us know. We read and respond to our email often, so it is the most efficient means of communication.